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Bill's Lube

8 oz Japan wax - melt, then add

12cc of carnauba wax flakes (4 cc Lee dipper X3). Allow them to melt, then add

150 ml of Lubriplate synthetic worm gear oil. This is PAO based, ISO 460 (SAE 140). Stir, and add

32 cc of cetyl alcohol flakes (4cc Lee dipper X8).

When all is melted, stir again, and pour into your lubesizers.Paper hot cups are convenient for storing any excess. Now, don't spill it on you, as deep burns would result!

This is a fine bullet lube. 

Of course, purchasing a stick of SAECO Gold, or the old "NRA formula" 50% beeswax/50% Alox is safer, and would likely work just as well.

Still, some of us become obsessed with this hobby, and want to control as many aspects of it as possible. Adding our own imprint to the mix enhances our pleasure.

50 yard .450/400 group, also showing cartridge and bullet.